Commuter Bikes For Urban Living And Adventure

Commuter bikes are becoming more popular, as a way to get around urban areas without paying high fuel prices. Cycling is environmentally friendly. It has the added benefit of improving overall fitness and health. Commuter bikes are different from mountain bikes and models used for riding on trails. They’re typically lighter in weight and have features to make city navigation easier.

The Reid Cycle Urban commuter models are designed for city commuting, with a variety of different features available. They can come with 3 to 10 speeds and are available in men’s and women’s models. Some frames can have mud guard mounted. Most models come with alloy wheels, to withstand the challenges of riding in the city centre.

The Condor flat bar is a road bike with several handy features. It comes with quick release wheels, 14 speed Shimano shifter, double walled alloy wheels for durability, and alloy frame. This model can be upgraded with rear storage racks. The Condor is available in drop bar and flat bar models.

The Reid City bike comes with straight handlebars, a rear rack, and mudguards. It also features a sturdy braking system and a broad range of gears, to navigate in all kinds of city riding situations. The V-brake system allows riders to replace and adjust brake pads easily.

The roller is an elegant model with plenty of chrome and sleek lines. It features straight handlebars and a 7 speed Shimano shifter. The model is designed for both looks and function.

All commuter bikes available through Reid Cycles are designed for function and are built with quality in mind. Buyers can order custom built cycles with the features they want most for commuting. In addition, there are many advantages of buying from Reid Cycles. Bikes come in a wide range of styles, colors, and configurations, to satisfy a variety of cycling commuters.

All cycles come with a lifetime warranty on frames and rigid forks. They also come with a 2 year limited warranty on parts. Buyers can test ride various models in the store and choose custom features. Currently, free shipping is being offered on most models.

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